5 Best Sites to Buy Photo Gifts for Your Love Ones

5 Best Sites to Buy Photo Gifts for Your Love Ones

Despite the new age technology were photos can be saved online and on gadgets, a few people remain to be sentimental. With photos being saved on SD cards, getting the fine print can sometimes be too troublesome. Still, some people go through such efforts in getting these printed out whether for them or as a gift.

In fact, rather than going through the trouble of thinking of the perfect gift to give why not settle for a photo book or framed picture?  To make things a hell lots easy, here are the best web sites to get all your photo gift needs.

I. Personalized Photo Books

The usual photo gifts nowadays are personalized photo books. Yet, does it always have to be a photo book when nowadays everything can literally be printed on anything? Check out the top three sites best known for their photo books and other smile-worthy merchandise.

A. Zazzle


Zazzle has almost everything you’d need for printing photos onto practically anything you can think of. Who said photos had to be on an album? At Zazzle, get those precious snapshots printed on mugs, pillows, iPhone cases and more. The best part about this web site is you can also browse through other users’ creations and purchase them as well.

Visit Zazzle

B. Snapfish


Plain and old photo albums are certainly boring. However, with Hewlett Packard’s online printing service, you get to choose the design of your photo book from the layout to the number of photos to be printed on a page. Users can also store all their photos in their web site for easy access and print. Like Zazzle, users can personalize everything about their chosen photo product.

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C. Shutterfly


Shutterfly’s flagship product was a photo book, and it continues to be one of the very best in its line of merchandise. The web site is so user friendly that all the tools needed to organize, share and get prints or cards are found in one page. They also offer other items for personalized prints such as photo collages, Apple product casings and more.

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II. Handmade Photo Frames:

A. Etsy


Getting photos printed on photo books may be one fine idea for a photo gift but some old fashioned folk still love the idea of a framed pictures.  While your local mall may offer the simplest to grandest frames for your finest photo prints, nothing says effort and love than handmade picture frames. Etsy is one web site to head to for the best hand-made merchandise. They have a range of photo frames from recycled wood to refurbished vintage frames. Prices range from $600 to $150 dollars.

Visit Etsy

III. Techy Photo Frames

A. Giftbuyz


Keeping up with the digital trend, Giftbuyz offers the most professional looking digital picture frames. Unlike traditional frames that hold one photo, digital frames can hold a number of photos depending on the memory card limit. With digital frames like these, users don’t have to worry about which particular photo to place. Prices of digital frames range from $190 to $60 dollars.

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