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An Open Letter On Gravity Part 2 by Peet Schutte

By Peet Schutte

this can be half 2. Please first learn half 1 prior to advancing to half 2. Now include me and allow us to examine Newton’s physics. whilst physics is approached with a sane brain, then figuring out physics is straightforward. it's the bending of physics principles that complicate Newton’s physics. whilst Newton bends each rule in arithmetic, not anyone in his correct brain can comprehend physics simply because Newton makes physics comprehensible for fools simply. allow us to evaluate Newton’s research with the physics Kepler brought as Kepler searched the sunlight approach for solutions and never within the method Newton acknowledged Kepler’s cosmic physics paintings yet within the demeanour that Kepler’s physics paintings within the sunlight approach. An Open Letter on Gravity is a fruits of letters I wrote to lecturers world wide that profess they “understand” Newton, yet did not solution even one assertion I dropped at their awareness in regards to the flaws in Newton’s physics this mixture of letters introduces a brand new imaginative and prescient and a brand new suggestion on cosmic physics by no means skilled ahead of.
Any wisdom won from earlier event may volume to 0, in case you embark in this as a brand new cosmic perception into the Universe. you'll enterprise the place you could have by no means long gone prior to in physics. An Open Letter on Gravity half 2 Do you're thinking that physics are for precise individuals with great highbrow skills and that physics is reserved for the very brightly minded? Then permit me to teach how silly and mindless the very brightly minded is…those that declare they “understand” Newton’s physics. let me to teach how little these comprehend approximately precise physics after they declare they “understand Newton” and his thought approximately physics. They conceal at the back of arithmetic that's as crooked as a politicians honesty but if the fraud is exposed a person can see what the Newtonians conceal. Has Newton and his physics ever been completely investigated…no by no means and never as soon as. this is often the main complete technological know-how conspiracy web site catering for the individual that has a history in physics. The conspiracy in technological know-how is larger than what someone may possibly conceive or what someone may well dream of. it truly is greater than what any physique of people on the earth prior to may possibly ever conspire to hide from public view. It comprises the main easy basic technological know-how and how that technology is believed of. everybody works with pretend technology and conspires to advertise technological know-how fiction passing it off as Newton’s technological know-how. Einstein skilled “The happiest day of my existence” while Einstein stumbled on how to accommodate all physics into his distinctive relativity concept other than the gravitational rules Newton devised. He remained not able all alongside to deal with Newton’s gravitational precept into his precise Relevancy concept. And he by no means might give you the option to deal with Newton since it is a conspiracy and it's a hoax. should you don’t think me I problem you to problem in regards to the fact. learn this and get clever. this mix of letters introduces a brand new imaginative and prescient and a brand new thought on cosmic physics by no means skilled before.

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