Top 10 Christmas Toys for 2013

Top 10 Christmas Toys for 2013

Christmas is just around the corner which means that your kids will soon be starting to fill up their list of must-haves and great buys with all the amazing toys this season.

The Holidays are an important moment for children, especially to retail toy companies. This season is the time wherein consumers storm in stores and stock lots of presents for family and friends. It is the best time for leading toy outlets, factories and manufacturers.

With all these, here is a list of the amazing toys that will hit the market in few days’ time.

PlayStation 4

playstation 4

The spotlight is definitely on gadget and tech-giant Sony following the release of its latest gaming console, the PlayStation 4.

The newest consoles are latest system versions which have been in the industry for over 6 years. This is the upgrades that a lot of gamers have been waiting for: new specs, improved graphics and better game experience. The console takes pride in featuring wide catalog titles, which include Electronic Arts, Activision and many others.

The Sony Playstation 4 was released last November 15. For $400, you can already give this console as a treat for your little boy.

Buy PlayStation 4

Imaginext Batcave

imaginext batcave

Is your kid a huge Batman fan? Well, he will surely love the Batcave which will never fade off style. The toy spans at multi-level equipped with elevator which is very convenient while travelling. It includes action figures of Batman and Robin. Children and even young at hearts can monitor villains like Joker over the Batcomputer, fly using the Batwing glider and drive the Batcycle. The Imaginext Batcave costs $34.99 and is available in toy outlets.

Buy Imaginext Batcave

Lego City Coastguard

lego city coastguard

Lego is a sought-after brand for kids every Christmas. This toy set features 6 pcs. of miniature figures which includes a pilot, 2 pcs. water cannons, pilot, stricken people, dinghy, submarine and a lighthouse. You could just pay $54.99, but there are retailers that offer it for a much-lower cost.

Buy Lego City Coastguard

Teksta Robotic Puppy

teksta robotic puppy

Thinking of giving your kid a jaw-dropping gift? Well you sure can give one when you buy this toy. Just like real-life puppies, this “robo-pup” responds to all your commands. It has the capacity to recognize your voice and simple gestures as well as sounds and lights. It even features over a hundred interactive moves and physical gestures like the back flip. It is a guarantee that your child will love it! Teksta Robotic Puppy is recommended for kids 5 years old and up. For £114.99, give your kid something amazing this season!

Buy Teksta Robotic Puppy

LeapPad Ultra

leappad ultra

Entertainment and education all roll into one is what LeapPad Ultra from LeapFrog is about. It is a 7-inch tablet that enables you to write, take pictures, capture and create videos, draw, play games and read eBooks. You can even connect to the Internet with the Zui secure browser. It is available in pink or green version perfect for your dear boy or girl. For $149, you can treat your child to something cool this Christmas.

Buy LeapPad Ultra

Hello Kitty Airlines Play Set

hello kitty airlines play set

Hello Kitty never goes out of style. Children especially your adorable little girls will have a chance to expand their imagination with this Airline playset. Take a flight with the sagittarius love horoscope man is always surrounded by the crowd. rest of the Hello Kitty gang. The set includes mini-figures of Hello Kitty characters, mealtime set, carry-on, mini passport and a lot more. This is a perfect gift for girls’ ages 4 years and up. Buy now for $40.88.

Buy Hello Kitty Airlines Play Set

Tetris Link

tetris link

We all have our fair share with the uber popular and classic Tetris game. With a new and low-twist twist, Tetris Link is here to bring a new flavor to your kid’s life. It sure is a delightful toy to pass the time. Besides that, it teaches your child patience and strategy—not to mention shapes and color recognition. Tetris Link is highly-recommended for children ages 6 years old and up.

Buy Tetris Link

Minion Dave Talking Action Figure

minion dave talking action figure

Sing the Banana song together or talk like ‘em with the Minion Dave Talking Action Figure. The toy is obviously the result of the success of DreamWorks’ Despicable Me 2. So it comes as no surprise that the Minion Dave toy was created. What makes this toy different is because it is a collector’s edition and is released only for this season of giving. For $51.99, you can already purchase the action figure which comes with unique features that will surprise and entertain you and your child! It comes with changeable expressions, talking and fart sounds, and many sound effects!

Buy Minion Dave Talking Action Figure

Disney Doc McStuffins Doctor's Bag

disney doc mcstuffins doctors bag

Allow your kid to be a doctor for a day—even every day! Doc McStuffins’ bag set is fully-equipped with the essentials for a medical check-up. It comes with a syringe, sticker sheet, stethoscope, bandage and blood pressure cuff. Let your kid be one of the many who got hooked with the Doc McStuffin mania. Transform an area into a checkup center in no time with this MD bag set. For $34.99, make your kid a doctor in no time! The bag set is recommended for kids age 3 and above!

Buy Disney Doc McStuffins Doctor's Bag

KidiJamz Studio by VTech

kidijamz studio by vtech

Give a kid the gift of music this season! Nothing will surely beat your gift once you give the VTech KidiJamz Studio. In no time, your child will know how to play the piano, mix music beats like a DJ, sing a melody and record a song! KidiJamz is designed to develop the total music artist and performer within your child. It features 20 melodies, 10 sound instruments, microphone, and many more. Buy it for $71.95 for kid ages 3 years and up!

Buy KidiJamz Studio by VTech

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