10 Gifts for Cat Lovers

Cats are adorable. They are mysterious and elegant demeanor. Their graceful independence simply enthralls most people. If you know someone who is a cat lover, this season of gift-giving is the best way you can show your appreciation for them and how much they love cats! If you are a cat yourself maybe it’s time you should give yourself a gift for being such a dedicated lover and caretaker for cats.


1. I’m a Cat Hoodie

I’m a cat and yes, you’re a cat with this hoodie. This whimsical hoodie has cat ears on the hood in imitation of cat and you will look like your furball friend when you wear this hoodie. The big bold letters: I’m a cat reiterates your allegiance to the feline world and will charm all cat lovers.

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2. LED Cat Nightlight

The calm face of a cat stares out into space and will seem to understand everything you say. Its big bulging body glows in the dark and is the perfect companion for you on your nightstand. You will never grope in the darkness again with this cat-shaped night lamp which is perfect for cat lovers! It brings brightness, warmth, and happiness to you with its built-in 1200mAh Li-ion battery which supports up to 15 hours of lighting.

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3. Cute Cat Thermos

Everyone needs a thermo to drink from in work. There’s no better way to perk yourself up for the day than coffee poured out from this cat shaped thermos. This cat Thermo vacuum flask is the ideal gift for cat lovers. The top is designed with cat ears, a heart nose, and cute lil whiskers. Using double-wall vacuum technology, both cold and heat retaining are excellent. It will keep your beverage nice and hot or refreshingly cold. It’s great for the office or gym. It comes in a variety of colors to choose from so pick your favorite and show off your sweet new cat thermos!

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4. Over The Door Cat Double Hook Hanger

This dependable cat makes sure that everything you hang on your hook is safe and secure. This adorable cat hook can be attached to your door bathroom or closet. Increase storage space & organize in style! Hang clothes, towels, jackets and other items! Risking life and limb your cat keeps it all in place!

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5. Best Cat Mom Ever Funny Wine Glass

Be reminded of your cat when you drink your favorite wine. Enjoy a relaxing evening with your favorite new stemless wine glass while probably cuddling your own cat. They may not express it in words but your cat may think you are the best mom for being such a dedicated cat lover. This wine glass is a great conversation starter with its humorous art. Made in the USA with the highest quality materials that can guarantee its long life and give you constant satisfaction. You can enjoy your favorite beverages in this glass for years!

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6. Cat Lover’s Bracelet

Be a cat lover wherever you go with this whimsical jewelry piece! Made from silver plate, cat charms hang from this bangle reminding you of just how adorable cats are. This attractively designed jewelry piece will look great with any ensemble you wear!

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7. Cat Jewelry Hanger

Display and organize your jewelry in an elegant and fashionable way via a cat jewelry wire rack. This jewelry hanger displays gold, rose gold, and silver earrings, as well as other piercing accessories without tangling or damaging them. The open design of this rack makes it easy to keep track of all your earrings at a glance.

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8. Cat Moon Sterling Silver Necklace

Cats and the moon have always been a complement to each other in various artwork and folklore and they look even better in this necklace. This charming pendant will look elegant with any wardrobe you choose to wear.

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9. Cute Ceramic Cat Coffee Mug

Your caffeine and cat addiction are combined in this smartly designed cat mug with stirrer. Enjoy your favorite brew first thing in the morning with this ceramic mug with a design that expresses your personal style, your drink will be doubly delicious! These cute mugs are perfect for women such as mom, aunt, sister, grandma, girlfriend, and wife.

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10. Cat Lover’s Monopoly

Monopoly gets a twist with this purrfectly themed monopoly board game. Enjoy endless hours of monopoly game with friends and family with cat themed pawns and artwork in this special edition of the monopoly game for cat lovers!

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