15 Awesome Gifts for Pet Lovers

Pets light up our lives. Being a pet lover becomes part of our personality as we organize our lives around being caretakers of pets. If you know someone who is an intense pet lover you’ll know how closely they treat their pets as a child or family member. You know how they light up at topics and things that has anything to do with their pets. Increase your friend’s, lover, or family member’s hoard of pet memorabilia with super cool pet-themed items!


1. Pearhead Desk Photo Frame

You want a memento not just of your pet’s photo but a paw print as well to remind you of the sweet adventures you’ve had together.

Easily create and frame a clay impression of your pet’s paw print and place their 4×6 showcase a favorite photo in a solid wood hinged keepsake frame.

Clay pawprint is easy to create, air-drying clay requires no mixing and leaves no mess. Allow clay to dry for 24-48 hours before placing in frame.

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2. My Very Good, Very Bad Dog

Sit back, relax, and read a book about dog adventures! These tales are a collection of hilarious, heartwarming and mind-boggling tales about your favorite pet.

Dogs can be so good, and then they can be not-so-good, but they give us great stories! These 101 stories are all about all the very good, very bad, simply amazing things our dogs do.

It’s a perfect gift for dog lovers!

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3. 2-Pack Food Grade Silicone Dog Paw and Bone Molds With Recipe Booklet

Get the perfect kitchen gadget for a dog lover! These silicone baking molds makes making dog bone shaped treats easy and fun! You never know what’s on those commercial treats so it’d be great if you whip up your own recipes for your dog! They’ll love you for it.

The mold comes with a recipe booklet which contains thoroughly researched ideas for dog biscuits, homemade broth, frozen treats and even flavored ice cubes!

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4. Willow Tree Hand-Painted Sculpted Angel

Get an inspiring image of an angel that exudes through gesture the emotion of closeness and love for a pet cat. This whimsical piece is a heartwarming gift fora cat lover and can be placed as a tree ornament or free-standing sculpture on a coffee table. This 5”h hand-painted resin with wire wings is packaged in fitted box ready for gift-giving.

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5. If The Dog Is Home Funny Wine Glass

Your pet may just be the best drinking companion even if they can’t share your drink with you. Their presence is enough as you sit and relax alone with the comfort of your favorite beverage on hand. This wine glass tells you that it’s not so lonely being lonely with your favorite dog around.

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6. Lavender & Chamomile Aromatherapy Deodorizing Soy Candle For Pets

This aromatherapy candle is an absolutely unique gift for pet lovers. Who says animals can’t be stressed as well. All those hours chasing balls and catching treats takes its toll. Get your pet to de-stress by sniffing a refreshing scent designed just for them.

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7. Manual Dog Rules Pillow

Are you in an uncanny situation where your dog is your boss? Did you unexpectedly find yourself with a dog ruling the house? Get this throw pillow as a funny décor to emphasize just how much your mutt has taken over. Dog lovers can empathize!

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8. I Just Want to Drink Coffee Save Animals Take Naps Coffee Mug

Are you one of those people who enjoy the simple life with just their dog? Express yourself with this unique mug that tells how happy you are doing the things you love. We guarantee this will become your favorite mug to drink your favorite brew in.

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9. Pet Detective: Best UV Flashlight LED

Do you find your home or your clothes to be unusually smelly? Do you think this smell can be traced to pet urine? Your dog or your cat has been unusually naughty and peed all over your stuff! Trace urine spots exactly with this super cool device! Pet Detective UV flashlight illuminates stains so you can wash off the evidence of your pet’s crimes. Your home and your stuff will be smelling fresh again.

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10. Simply Charmed Magnetic Dog Wine Charms

Sip your wine or any beverage with your favorite image of a cat. This nifty little decor will add pizzazz to your wineglass.

NOT JUST FOR WINE These novelty charms attach safely and securely through any type of glass, including stemless glasses, martini glasses, Moscow Mule mugs and even coffee cups. They look really cute on iced tea or lemonade. When not in use, you can even use them as cat refrigerator magnets.

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11. My Therapist Has Whiskers Glass with Cat Shaped Ears and Wine Charm

Take your cat lovin’ and wine lovin’ to the extreme with a whimsical wineglass. This wineglass has glass cat ears and humorous text. It has a cat themed charm at the bottom making this piece entirely exquisite.

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12. Pet Memorial Wind Chime

Put a pet themed item in your house with this whimsical pet themed wind chime. The wind chime features an exquisitely crafted metal paw engraved with a heartwarming passage about pets. This wonderful wind chime will greet you as you go in your house if not your own dog or cat.

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13. Design Toscano Cat Angel Pet Memorial Tribute Statue

Pets tragically have to pass away but their memories will be forever in our hearts. Get this beautifully crafted memorial statute for your garden as a remembrance of a loving cat that has just passed away. This piece has been made in hand-cast using real crushed stone bonded with high quality designer resin. Each piece is individually hand-finished and hand-painted in a faux stone finish.

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14. Perfect Memorials Cat in Basket Urn

This wonderful cat themed urn is a wonderful testament to the love you and your cat have shared. The cat statute is nestled eternally in peaceful slumber in this exquisitely crafted cold cast resin. Your cat is sure to be in cat heaven watching over you.

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15. Cat Massage – Lovely Pet Cat Massage Device, & Self Groomer Nip Toy Brush Comb

This wonderful self-groomer for your pet cat is sure to satisfy your feline friend. This groomer can be loaded with catnip so your cat should be extra attracted to it. Your cat will thank you and will be looking purrect and purring with satisfaction.

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